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Skillful Central Ohio Lawyer Helps Businesses Tackle Challenges

Knowledgeable Newark attorney advises small and large companies

Building a strong business requires dedication and the skillful handling of countless issues that arise. Whether your company is engaged in a dispute or seeks advice on a contract matter, effective legal counsel is crucial to the success of your commercial operation. At the Law Office of W. Douglas Lowe in Newark, my background includes extensive business education and work as a small firm owner in addition to more than 30 years of high-level legal practice. As a litigator and adviser, I take the time to understand each client’s particular business goals and concerns. From there, my firm honestly assesses the legal options and works diligently to reach a resolution that puts your company in the best position going forward.

Dedicated firm offers counsel on business formation and contract issues

Whether you’re launching a new venture or looking to expand your operation, I will guide you on how to proceed and help you avoid unpleasant surprises. In Licking County and throughout Ohio, my firm assists with key tasks including:

  • Initial filings and permits — I can evaluate the various options that exist for prospective business owners and help you establish a corporation, partnership, LLC or another type of entity based on what works best for your business goals. I can also assist with licensing issues and documents pertaining to company governance.
  • Contract review and development — Creating and enforcing legal agreements is essential for every business. When a contract needs to be drafted or reviewed, I will examine each detail to make sure that your rights and interests are protected and that each party has a clear understanding of their obligations.
  • Buy-sell agreements — The best time to create a succession plan or an arrangement dealing with a sudden change in ownership is before the need arises. My firm can prepare a buy-sell agreement or another type of legal instrument to set forth clear instructions in the event a shareholder or partner needs to leave.

No matter what your specific concern is, I have the ability and experience to find a solution that gives your company the best chance to thrive.

Effective advocate handles a full range of commercial litigation matters

A lawsuit can deliver the remedy your business needs or prevent it from reaching its potential. In commercial litigation arising from contract, tort or other claims, my firm offers exceptional support from start to finish. I provide clients with a thorough analysis of the applicable statutes and precedents so that they can determine the best way to protect their business. Whether you require effective courtroom advocacy or choose to resolve the disagreement through settlement, mediation or arbitration, I will work diligently in pursuit of a successful outcome.

Proven litigator asserts clients’ rights in breach of contract cases

Contract disputes can hamper your firm’s ability to operate effectively. If another party is failing to fulfill their contractual obligations or if you have been accused of a breach, my firm delivers prompt, comprehensive legal support. I am always aware of your overall best interests and will not waste your time or resources on needless legal maneuvers. In many cases, these conflicts can be resolved favorably through a thorough reading of the relevant language and skillful negotiation. However, if litigation provides the best opportunity for relief, I will vigorously assert your rights in court.

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The Law Office of W. Douglas Lowe advises businesses in Licking County and throughout Ohio on a wide variety of legal matters. Please call 740-202-9134 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my office in Newark.

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