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Collection Law

An unfortunate fact of business is that sooner or later almost everyone has a problem collecting money they are rightfully owed. I offer assistance to businesses in perfecting mechanic’s liens and in general collection efforts. Nor do my efforts stop once judgment is obtained; I actively pursue collection of the judgment as well.

At times, an investigation of the matter will indicate early on that there is little hope of recovering what is owed either because there are simply no assets or because the cost of pursuing collection outweighs the likely benefits. When those circumstances arise, I will let you know that immediately as sometimes the best thing a client can do is just let the matter go rather than make the situation worse by incurring legal fees to no purpose.

Construction Law

I represent a number of owners, construction companies, subcontractors and material suppliers from the very small to the very large. That representation includes everything from drafting and reviewing contracts in an effort to avoid problems before the project begins to representation when problems do develop. The starting point is to gain as thorough understanding of the project at the beginning to attempt to avoid as many pitfalls as possible. Unfortunately, even the most carefully managed construction project can develop problems. When that occurs, the focus should be on resolving that problem as painlessly as possible. Sometimes, however, litigation can simply not be avoided and whether you are the owner, the contractor, subcontractor or material supplier, I have the courtroom experience to see that your rights are protected and that your side of the dispute is heard.

Business Law

I represent a number of businesses outside the litigation arena as well. This includes representing individuals and companies that want to start a new business or expand; purchase or sell an existing business; or that simply have issues of governance or the separation of an owner. I also work with companies in reviewing and drafting contracts for projects, equipment purchases, etc. Finally, I assist businesses in forming succession plans and exit strategies. The key to all such representation is to gain a complete understanding of the business, its plans and, most importantly, taking the time to listen to the client and fully understand their goals and objectives.

Personal Injury

Being seriously injured or losing a loved one through the negligence of someone else is a difficult and often life-changing event. I have successfully represented the victims of motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, skilled nursing facility negligence and medical malpractice that have resulted in serious injury or even death. For the first fifteen years of my career I was heavily involved in insurance defense litigation which not only gave me a lot of practical courtroom experience but also insight in to how insurance companies evaluate cases. That experience means I know what to emphasize in order to get the insurance company to place the highest value on a case when attempting to negotiate a settlement. Personal Injury cases are typically handled on a contingent fee basis. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence I will happy to provide you with an initial consultation free of charge. I can promise you that during that consultation there will be no high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign a contract. I only want you to hire me as your attorney if you are completely comfortable in doing so.

General Civil Litigation

I have over thirty years of experience representing clients in the courtroom. I handle a wide range of litigation matters including business collections, construction suits, complex business suits, real estate disputes, probate disputes and personal injury. The key to any representation is understanding what the client wants or needs and attempting to obtain that in an ethical and professional fashion. I firmly believe that my responsibilities as your attorney include talking with you about the negatives as well as the positives. You can count on me to give you a realistic assessment of your case and be completely honest with you at all times. You can also count on me to do my very best for you.

Commercial Litigation

Insurance Litigation

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